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Pofib services


Support services


The support services of Pofib are non-fee based and are mainly delivered via the Links site of Pofib.


Pofib is also available to present at (company) workshops and seminars its vision and services, in principle on a non-fee basis, but eventually on a cost coverage basis. On your request via the Contact us site we would like to contact you about the possibilities.


The Links site contains free accessible Web site addresses and other information available, mostly via these free accessible web sites.

Pofib will also open its archive of studies and information gatherings, of course of free accessible information, but mostly in direct contact with (potential) clients.


The continuous research of Pofib on the web has been and will be focused on added value for companies that are involved in the main theme area's, like financial service providers, postal companies and other institutes that share the mission and objectives of Pofib.



The research for added value on the web has resulted in an overview of free available websites on the Links site according the following three main categories:

  1. Postal institutions: multilateral and unilateral institutions and a number of practices of Postal    Financial services;
  2. Advancing the poor: institutions focused on advancing the poor and on financial inclusion for the un- and under-banked (multilateral, governmental, charity);
  3. Support and practices: supporting organisations for Retail Financial sectors and some practices (including information and research institutions and web-networks and communities);


The overview is non-exclusive.



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