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Postal institutions and some Postbanks


Multilateral institutions

Some postal country web sites to enlarge the insight in PFS solutions available in postal companies


Western Europe

  1. Netherlands Postkantoren BV 
  2. Germany Deutsche Post and  Deutsche Postbank 
  3. France La Poste 
  4. Swiss Postfinance


Central and Eastern Europe / Central Asia

  1. Azerbaijan Azerpost
  2. Kazakhstan Kazpost  
  3. Armenia  Haypost  
  4. Estonia  Eesti Post 
  5. Latvia Pasts
  6. Slovakia Post and Postbank



  1. Nigeria Postal Service  PostCash 
  2. South Africa SAPost and Postbank 
  3. BotswanaPost 
  4. Kenya Post Office savings bank (Postbank) 


South America

  1. Chile Correos   


  1. Philippines Philpost  
  2. United Arab Emirates  Emirates Post


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