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Pofib services


Technical assistance services


The technical assistance is composed of the Advisory services and Training.


Advisory services  


Pofib Advisory services are based on an integrated approach. This approach contains all relevant levels to be considered:

  1. Country and sector level: the analysis of the existing retail financial (and postal) sector of the country and  of the need for modern affordable financial services for all people;
  2. Company strategic level: the analysis of the existing organisational and business wide aspects of all companies involved (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threads SWOT);
  3. Institutional and strategic development level: the design of the needed development of the postal organisation and financial sector parties involved;
  4. Tactical business level: business wide consequences within the involved companies (financial service providers and postal companies) of the development and projected for the short and medium long term;
  5. Execution level: how the approach can be implemented step by step.


Depending on the assignment this approach results into a number of deliverables, namely:

  1. an extensive feasibility study covering all levels described above;
  2. strategy advise on board level ,mainly derived from a number activities also executed in the feasibility study;
  3. management advise, translating strategy into tactical plans and implementation approaches;
  4. set of business plans like market approach, marketing, operational, financial and implementation plans;
  5. strategic and tactical deliverables according specific wishes based on described deliverables.


The objective of the feasibility study is the development of an integrated (mass) retail financial services solution which can be characterised by the following aspects:

  • includes all involved retail financial services providers in co-operation with the post office network, for the development, marketing and delivery of improved existing and new modern mass retail financial services;
  • in a sustainable way for all parties involved, also in the future;
  • at an affordable price, including people with  low income;
  • to be accessible for all people, also un- and under-banked;
  • in all regions of the country.

This feasibility study contains:

  1. market analysis for the retail financial services (if needed also analysis of the postal market)
  2. supporting analysis for market research;
  3. analysis of the present situation of the involved companies (including SWOT);
  4. institutional, funding and strategic development options;
  5. business wide development plans especially for institutional and legal aspects , marketing and operations;
  6. financial plan containing short end medium term projections;
  7. implementation and migration plan.

In principle a feasibility study will be executed in four phases.


These phases are:

  1. inception phase including delivery of detailed plan of deliverables including the planning of the phased delivery of the end-report and time schedule (inception phase will be concluded with an inception report) ;
  2. preparation phase, mainly based on desk research;
  3. analysis of the present situation and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT);
  4. design of solutions and business plans (including implementation plan).


Improving the quality and efficiency of the existing processes and services within the Post is an important condition for handling operational tasks in the delivery of efficient counter services for (modern) financial services.

The following relevant aspects will be taken in consideration in the deliverables (when applicable):

  1. new modern retail financial services for the financial sector and other service providers will have an important impact in the postal company like new operational processes and adapted or new information technology at the postal counters;
  2. developing and implementing new postal (counter) services by the postal company will take place in close co-operation with one or more financial sector partners;
  3. the involved financial institutions like postal banks, (mass-) retail banks and Micro Finance Institutions are among others responsible for marketing (like product development), risk management and the back office operations for new modern mass retail financial services;
  4. the new retail financial services will be ‘channelled’ through a multi-distribution concept. An important distribution channel in this ‘branchless banking’ concept is the post office network with dedicated operational and supporting tasks (with a limited advisory and commercial role). 

The execution of this feasibility study can be differentiated into two options, namely a so called full and a limited option. The difference is the intensity of the analysis phase and with that the time and capacity on-site of the POFIB experts.



Training (and capacity building) 


Further can be delivered training and coaching services, such as on-and off-site twinning services for project management and  senior-management.


Supporting the migration and implementation phase of the projects

Capacity building can be one of the deliverables for the preparation and execution of the implementation and migration plans.

For the needed detailed planning and execution of the migration and implementation phase of the projects POFIB can deliver training to project members, (project ) management training and co-(project) management services,


Twinning and coaching in day to day management





Via the Contact us site interested parties are friendly requested to inform us about their interest and Pofib will react as soon as possible, if requested by a Letter of Intend and/or a detailed Proposal.

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