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About us


POFIB Development BV has been founded in 2009 by Piet Biemans, who, as senior manager, has intensively been involved in the development of the Postcheque and Giro center into the privatised Postbank in The Netherlands. During the last 15 years, together with Dutch and international colleagues from the Post and Postbank, he has been working in more than 20 countries in projects to develop postal financial services and post banks.



Pofib experts have developed a deep knowledge of and extensive experience with the development of postal financial services and of mass retail financial services through post banks and other mass retail banks. This specific area of 'branchless' banking expertise is a result of decades of involvement in the development of these mass retail financial services in a number of 'best practice' countries in this field.



One of the countries with a long term Post Bank ‘branchless banking’ practice is The Netherlands as one of the first examples in which the postal governmental company PTT has been converted into a number of privatised companies including the Postbank and the Post office Network company (Postkantoren BV).



Through the Universal Postal Union (UPU) institute this ‘Dutch’ experience and that of other postal bank and postal financial services initiatives through postal companies (like Italy, France, Germany, but also Brazil, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, etc) has been shared within the international postal 'family' during the last 10 to 15 years.

This has been and still is an important support for the development of modern postal financial services (PFS) in a large number of postal companies all over the world.


Pofib supports this development of postal financial services through sharing knowledge.


One important lesson from involvement in PFS developments in a large number of countries is that there is no standard PFS and retail (postal) bank solution that fits all.


Nevertheless innovations and at the same time learning from the past can absolutely support present and future developments in this field, including technological new solutions like mobile money transfers and internet based solutions.


Pofib and its network of experts from postal and post bank companies from different nations are strongly motivated to support this on going development of modernisation of  PFS and mass retail banking.

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