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Support and practices; Supporting organisations for the Retail Financial sectors and some practices in mobile transfers and mobile banking


Retail bank supporting institutions

  1. World Savings Bank Institute (WSBI
  2. European Savings Bank Group (ESBG) 

Micro Finance supporting institutions and websites

  1. Microfinance Gateway 
  2. Micro Finance Center, a grass-root network of 110 member institutions that play an active role in shaping the microfinance industry in the Central Eastern Europe and New Independent States 
  3. The Microfinance Information Exchange, Inc.(MIX) is a business information provider dedicated to strengthening the microfinance sector with data and analysis on microfinance providers 
  4. CreditSMS, future of Micro Finance; The CreditSMS system is envisioned as a convergence of SMS-aggregating software and mobile commerce systems   
  5. The Netherlands Platform for Microfinance consists of 15 Dutch organisations that work together to improve the effectiveness of their microfinance activities
  6. Microfinanceafrica.net  is the only online resource for news and information about Microfinance industry in Africa, covering all aspects of Microfinance development in Africa.

International Money remittances supporting organisations

  1. Mondato LTD search portal for international moneytransfers and industry information support (including newsletters for free) 

Money transfers via mobile solutions

  1. Supporting organisations and web sites
    1. Mobile Money Africa, Africa’s leading on line resource for mobile financial inclusion
    2. Finscope / mobile banking surveys
    3. Arbi research  ABI Research is a market intelligence company specializing in global connectivity and emerging technology  
    4. Aitec Africa focused on spreading knowledge in the ICT community in Africa 
  2. Practices in mobile transfers and/or mobile banking (examples)
    1. E-Masary Egypt is a real-time payment brand for the masses
    1. G-Cash      


Information and research institutions and web sites for retail financial services sector

  1. Oxford Policy Management; Consultancy organisation ; Financial sector development
  2. Lafferty Group Ltd for research and advise on retail financial services, cards and personal financial services industry 
  3. European Financial Management & Marketing Association (EFMA)   
  4. Mobile Financial.com, industry resource for mobile financial services 
  5. Citi foundation 

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