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Mission of Pofib: ‘to improve people’s access to financial services’


This mission acknowledges the need of un- and under-banked people to be able to access a broad package of financial services, including money transfers and savings- and credit services, often delivered through (mass) retail (postal) banking institutions, involving (postal) agent networks .


Involving country wide networks of post offices can be critical for the accessibility for the retail financial services market segments of un- and under-banked people, because of the following reasons:

  • the need for easy access to cash-in and cash-out services all over the country for users of domestic and international remittances;
  • connecting the broader public to the local and international ‘modern’ financial sector by delivering mainly operational counter services for financial service providers;
  • postal companies are often being considered as trustworthy by the people;
  • postal companies often have already to fulfil regulatory demands from the central bank because of the existing (often cash based) financial services rendered through the post offices

With Post offices networks are meant state owned and privatised post office and postal agent networks (like franchise).

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