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Archive Subjects of Interest


March 2011


Aitec conference ' Banking and Mobile Money Comesa' 

2 and 3 March 2011 Nairobi



Workshop:  Maximising the Role of Postbanks in Financial Inclusion

Piet Biemans 3 march 2011


The workshop presentation  focuses on:

  1. a summary of recent developments in financial inclusion initiatives and mass retail banking (also postal savings banks) like Postal Financial Inclusion initaitives, donor initiatives, agent banking developments and mobile money developments with explicite attention for the Kenya case;
  2. a clarification of the Postal (savings) bank concept as differentiator from the classic branchebank concept;
  3. development of an appropriate business model  as an integrator of  a mass retail financial services supplier;
  4. aspects relevant to translate this mass retail/ postal savings bank approach into business planning and business cases for all stakeholders.


Some other interesting presentations also available at the website of Aitec conference,

especially in relation to the role of  mass retail banking (postal savings banks) in improving access to financial services including client segements at the Bottom of the Pyramid , also through agents and mobile money services.



A Picture of The Demand Profile for Mobile Savings in Kenya

Findings from the FSD M-Savingssurvey 2010 by Aron Thekeya FSD Kenya and Worldbank


Strategic issues in using agents to mobilize savings

Jeff Abrams Bankable Frontoer Associates

March 2, 2011




Beyond Branchless Banks with Mobile Wallet 

Mayank Sharma  Comviva  

March 2nd 2011   


Banking through Everyday Stores  

Mireya Almazán

Financial Services for the Poor Bill and Melinda gates Foundation

March 2, 2011


Orange Money 

true convergence between telecoms and banking

Snehar Shah –Head of Orange Money Orange Money

March 2nd 2011




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