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Background of Pofib expertise

Piet Biemans, Managing Director of Pofib, has an extensive knowledge and experience of more than 35 years of expert and management functions within the (former) Postbank and International Nederlanden

Group (ING) in The Netherlands.


During the last ten years as employee of ING, Piet Biemans has been responsible for the portfolio of ING projects in the field of postal banking / postal financial services systems and Retail Banking at ING’s Information Technology Centre, Business and IT Consultancy Department.


He has managed a large number of (international) projects and change programs in giro systems development, retail and postal banking, wholesale banking and an international insurance sales support system and worked in projects in more than twenty countries, e.g. Mexico, Brazil, Europe and (Central) Asia.


He has been general manager of one of the largest Netherlands’ PTT Postgiro transaction processing centres and Postbank call centre and has worked as a whole sale credit manager with the Dutch and former NMB Bank.


Since 1996 he has been acting as an international consultant in the field of Postal Financial Services, Postal Banking and Retail banking, in- and outside ING in more than twenty countries.


Piet Biemans and his colleague-experts, of which some are still involved in Pofib's network of experts, have been working in projects for a broad spectrum of assignment holders like World Bank, the United Nation Development Program, European Union and several governmental, private Dutch and international institutions.


Pofib's network of experts

Pofib makes use of an extensive network of Dutch and international experts with a broad and deep knowledge and experience in international assignments to improve and support the development of postal and (mass) retail financial institutions. 




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